North Wymondham Community Centre

A little history of the community, the community centre, and the type of things we're involved in.

First a little Wymondham history...

World War Two

During the second world war Wymondham was home to one of MI6's Radio Security Service direction finding stations; the type at Wymondham was a "Spaced Loop" design newly developed by the National Physical Laboratory. Unfortunately, this was soon found to be unsatisfactory and was converted to the more traditional Adcock type. The station at Wymondham was located at latitude=52.583333, longitude=1.121667, just north of Tuttles Lane and east of Melton Road. Based on information from one of the wartime operators it transpires that another spaced loop station was later installed alongside the first in 1944 after the Normandy invasion. This may have been due to increased interest in transmissions from western Europe where the shorter distance made the spaced loop more reliable.


The Great Fire of 1615

The Great Fire of Wymondham broke out on Sunday 11 June 1615. Two areas of the town were affected, implying there were two separate fires. One area was in Vicar Street and Middleton Street and the other in the Market Place, including Bridewell Street and Fairland Street. About 300 properties were destroyed in the fire. Important buildings destroyed included: the Market Cross, dating from 1286; the vicarage in Vicar Street; the 'Town Hall' on the corner of Middleton Street and Vicar Street; and the schoolhouse. However, many buildings such as the Green Dragon pub did survive and many of the houses in Damgate Street date back to 1400, although this is now masked by later brickwork.

The fire was started by three Gypsies – William Flodder, John Flodder and Ellen Pendleton (Flodder) – and a local person, Margaret Bix (Elvyn). The register of St Andrew's Church in Norwich records that John Flodder and others were executed on 2 December 1615 for the burning of Wymondham. Rebuilding of the destroyed buildings was quick in some cases and slower in others. A new Market Cross, extant 2016, was started and completed in 1617. However, by 1621 there were still about 15 properties not yet rebuilt. Economic conditions in the 1620s could have been a contributory factor to the delay in rebuilding.


About the North Wymondham Community Centre

In 1973 the then Finderne and Ashleigh Gardens Residents Association, became the North Wymondham Community Association and the project to build a community centre was born.

In 1979 the new centre was opened with a wooden hall; however, by 1981 plans were afoot to rebuild the hall with a more permanent structure

With help from a government program for the long term unemployed and also a prisoner rehabilition program, August 1984 has seen the work begin and completed in March 1985 with the grand opening by Mr. John MacGregor MP.

Written by Andy Beer.

About the work and charities we are involved with

North Wymondham Community Centre Association have been at the front line of community projects for quite some time, however it doesn't stop there! we raise money and awareness for various charities.